About Us

Why TheraPurrs?

TheraPurrs were born from the mind and heart of Angelique, a mental health therapist and animal-lover.

As a therapist, Angelique was very frustrated with the growing mental health support gap in the country. 

She and her husband, William, spent many hours talking about this growing crisis, both from the supply side (too few mental health professionals) and from the demand side (an increasing number of people seeking help). 

Said another way, there isn’t enough help!

More people are seeking help from mental health professionals but the number of available therapists is far below what’s needed to help all of those in need.


Why The Gap?

COVID drove unprecedented levels of isolation across America.  For the first time in history, everyone experienced the same isolation, fear, panic and depression due to a world event – a pandemic. 

As a result, Americans of all ages looked to mental health therapists for help but found far too few of them to handle the demand. 

It’s been estimated that the U.S. will have a mental health professional deficit of about 238,000 by 2025 to treat an ever-increasing cultural need.

Angelique wondered aloud – what could she do to help in a big way?


The Idea - Talking Stuffed Therapy Cats! 

One day, Angelique came across some therapy memes. Some showed cats, some showed wine and some talked about mental health therapy.

It got her thinking creatively about ways to potentially help provide more support to both therapists and those needing mental health care.

The light bulb went off!

After a few discussions, glasses of wine, and quite a few jokes with her husband, they came up with the idea for the TheraPurrs!

The TheraPurrs would provide some fun, cuddly love and comfort whenever their “owner” needed it.  The “owners” could share whatever they wanted with their TheraPurr. And she imagined the TheraPurr sharing their "cat"itude back with them.


A Line of Therapy Cats - Self-Care for Adults and Teens!

After reviewing the concept with other therapists, many of whom now sit on the TheraPurrs advisory board, other ideas started forming to broaden the appeal and address the larger mental health challenge.

TheraPurrs - PosiCat Self-Care stuffed animal

While these ideas are not intended as a replacement for a quality therapist, they may provide some added comfort to those in need.  Especially when they can’t talk to a therapist or when they are between therapy sessions.

And they are just plain cuddly!     

This new cat family was "clawing" to get out of her mind and into the world. Each of the cats was born with something unique to bring to people longing for a little extra help.

A new, cuddly kind of self-care "cat"apulted into the market!


A TheraPurr for Any Situation 

Whether you need some therapeutic wisdom (TheraCat), some positive encouragement (PosiCat), a few wisecracks (SmartyCat), or you're a therapist needing to vent (HipaaCat), just "Press for Help" and brighten your day. 

And for those who are more comfortable speaking Spanish, there’s MichiFeliz – PosiCat’s cousin.

Angelique loves helping people. So do the TheraPurrs.

We hope you enjoy the extra love and support!