Care Instructions

Hand wash only.

Everyone knows that when you’re having fun, sometimes you can use a bath.

Well, just like real cats, TheraPurrs prefer spot cleaning.  No, you don’t need to lick your TheraPurr to get it clean if there’s a spot on it. 

We recommend wetting a washcloth with a little mild detergent and water and spot cleaning the affected area, gently rubbing the detergent on the spot.  Do not use too much detergent. 

Then, blot and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow your TheraPurr to air dry and then brush the cleaned area.

Please note: DO NOT submerge your TheraPurr in water or place in the washing machine, since every TheraPurr contains a sound module with batteries inside.  Submerging your TheraPurr can damage the sound module and your therapist’s voice may no longer work properly, if at all.