Usage Instructions

How To Activate Your TheraPurr

  1. Gently pull apart the velcro that runs vertically in the middle of the back.
  2. Locate the small black on/off switch on the outside of the module.
  3. Slide the switch to the other position to turn the sound on.
  4. Check by pressing on the paw that says "Press For Help"
  5. Put the sound module back in and secure the velcro.


To Hear Phrases
Press sound activator in left paw to hear over 50 phrases




Volume Control
Press and hold the activator button inside the left foot for volume control. There are 3 levels so you can change the loudness based on your situation. Hold until you get the level you want. Start again after 3 if you want low or medium.

  1. Hold until it beeps 1 time - Low
  2. Hold until it beeps 2 times - Medium
  3. Hold until it beeps 3 times – High


To change batteries, gently pull apart the Velcro in that runs vertically in the middle of the back. Sound module requires a small Phillips screwdriver to open and close.

Open compartment, replace batteries, close compartment with screw – do not overtighten.
Then, re-insert the sound module with the speaker area pointed forward in your TheraPurr for best sound results.
Uses 3 AAA batteries – included.

Power On/Off
If needed, you can toggle your TheraPurr on or off with the black switch on the sound module.