Bringing Joy to the World, One Purr at a Time!

Meet the TheraPurrs - not just your ordinary companions, but beacons of happiness and support. With a gentle press, their unique "purr-sonalities" shine through, ready to sprinkle your day with laughter, comfort and a hefty dose of "cat-titude."

Standing at 10 inches of soft, cuddly warmth, each TheraPurr comes alive with 50 to 90 phrases designed to uplift, amuse and provide emotional support whenever you need it most. Whether you're seeking a chuckle, a moment of comfort or a listening ear, your TheraPurr is here to make every moment brighter.

Perfect for anyone and everyone in your circle needing a dash of joy—making them ideal gifts for birthdays, graduations, holidays or just because. Share the gift of joy, laughter and companionship with TheraPurrs and together, let's spread happiness across the world.

Choose the TheraPurr That's Right for You!

  • TheraPurr TheraCat - Talking Therapist Stuffed Animals for Adults and Kids

    Kind, solution-oriented therapist.

    "I’m here to help you."
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  • TheraPurr PosiCat - Talking Therapist Stuffed Animals for Adults and Kids - Positivity

    Positivity-driven therapist.

    "The sun is always shining somewhere – why not on you?"
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  • TheraPurr SmartyCat - Talking Therapist Stuffed Animals for Adults and Kids

    Wise-cracking therapist.

    "Cuz therapy doesn’t have to be so serious, does it?"
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  • TheraPurr HIPAACat - Talking Therapist Stuffed Animals for Adults and Kids

    A therapist for therapists.

    "HIPAA doesn't apply to cats - you can talk to me."
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  • TheraPurrs Michi Feliz - Therapy Stuffed Animal for Adults Children

    PosiCat's Spanish speaking cousin.

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What People Are Saying

Amanda A | Riverview, FL

"I love these! What a great idea. My favorite is PosiCat. I need that extra sunshine every day."-


✓ Recommended

J McLure | Wesley Chapel, FL

"There's nothing else out there like this. Cats with attitude. As therapists. Whoever came up with this is a genius! I'm getting them for my whole family."

✓ Recommended

N L | Brandon, FL

"I bought the whole line for my office. My patients love cuddling them and listening to them in the waiting room. About half of my patients end up buying at least one of the family!"

✓ Recommended

Mark S | Nashville, TN

"I sent TheraCat to my daughter who's been in therapy. She said she uses it every day!"


✓ Recommended

Julian M | Tampa, FL

"I love the whole TheraPurrs family. What a great way to give anyone extra love and support. Nicely done!"

✓ Recommended

S Collins | Lakewood Ranch, FL

"I saw the sarcastic one - his name is SmartyCat - and immediately knew I was getting that for my brother in England! What a fun gift!"

✓ Recommended

Women on sofa with TheraCat buying more TheraPurr Talking Therapist Cats

Our Mission

At TheraPurrs, our mission is to bridge the gap in emotional support through the joy and companionship of our unique family of plush, talking therapy cats.

Created with the insights of Angelique, a mental health therapist with a deep love for animals and her husband William, we recognized the pressing need for additional support in everyday stresses and crises that people face. Faced with a national shortage of mental health professionals and an increasing demand for support, especially highlighted during the global challenges posed by COVID-19, we sought to offer an innovative solution.

TheraPurrs introduces a family of talking stuffed animals, each designed to offer comfort, laughter and a sense of connection for individuals of all ages. From therapeutic wisdom and positive encouragement to light-hearted banter, our TheraPurrs are here to provide a unique form of emotional support that complements traditional therapy methods.