Meet HipaaCat

A Therapist for Therapists

Hard day at work assessing patients?

Need to talk to someone, but HIPAA compliance requirements get in the way?

Well, you can tell me anything. HIPAA doesn’t apply to cats. Especially stuffed ones with attitude, like me. I'm purrfect for you!

I’m HipaaCat. My specialty? Therapy for therapists.

In your office you may hate the "whining" by your patients.

Well with me, you'll love the "wining".

Uncork a bottle and let's decompress.

Purr-sonality Details

Personal Info

Height: 10 inches
Lives Left: Only 3 out of 9
Home State: Ohio


Favorite Beverage: Wine
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite Subject in School: English Literature
Favorite Song or Musician: Mozart/Queen
Favorite Hangout: The Theater


  • Wine Tasting
  • Traveling to Napa
  • Museums

Things I Say

  • "That must’ve been difficult for you."
  • "Seriously? That just happened?"
  • "Don't worry. This is NOT a HIPAA violation."
  • "Some people just don't know how to act."
  • "Really? That sounds like a dumpster fire."
  • ... and over 60 more!

Ready to Vent?

Just "press for help" and HipaaCat is all ears!