Meet TheraCat

Kind, Caring and Empathetic

I'm here to help you.

When you're struggling with life issues, I'm here for you.

I'll ask questions to get you thinking.

Plus, I'll give you support and encouragement.

And I'll listen.

And try to help you shine on even your toughest days.

I'm TheraCat. My specialty? Helping you feel better.

My life's passion is helping you.

I've spent most of my nine lives listening to people.

Now, I've got a lot of things to say.

Your situation is unique, so I need to claw deep to get to the root issues.

Yes, your self-discovery can be empowering!

Purr-sonality Details

Personal Info

Height: 10 inches
Lives Left? 5 out of 9
Home State: Colorado


Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Subject in School: Psychology
Favorite Song or Musician: Yesterday (by the Beatles)
Favorite Hangout: The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant


  • Snowboarding
  • Foodie
  • Bird Watching

Things I Say

  • "What do you think it means?"
  • "Tell me how that makes you feel."
  • "What are you thinking about?"
  • "Seriously, feelings aren't fact."
  • "How are you practicing self-care?"
  • ... and over 80 more!

Ready for Some Therapeutic Wisdom?

Just "press for help" and TheraCat will encourage you with her words of wisdom!